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Oak Cliff Church Needs Divine Intervention



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    Oak Cliff church up for sale

    Oak Cliff Christian Church in Dallas needs divine intervention. The church needs to be bought before Aug. 15, or risk being torn down.

    Years ago, 23 churches once stood on the historic 10th Street. Now, the church is one of only six remaining on the street and is currently vacant.

    "This used to be a very vibrant part of Oak Cliff and one of the oldest parts of Dallas," said Michael Amonett, with the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League.

    The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League is leading the charge to save the building, which is being sold for just over $1 million. The deal must be done by Oct. 29.

    According to Amonett, the building is owned by the Dallas Independent School District and was slated to be torn down to make way for a new project before the Conservation League stepped in to try and save it.

    "Oak Cliff is our heart and it's a beautiful building," said Amonett. "You have to be blind to not notice that that is a beautiful piece of architecture that is 100 years old."

    The church was built in 1916 and an adjacent education building, was built 10 years later. The building on the corner of 10th and Crawford has a vast history including links to Lee Harvey Oswald. The Warren Commission Report states while on his way to the Texas Theater, Oswald cut behind the church where he dropped his jacket.

    An open house will be held at the church on Sunday April 10 between noon and 4 p.m. The church is located at 300 E. 10th Street.

    "I hope that somebody buys the Church and is able to use it," said Amonett. "Whether it is another congregation, a non-profit or a condominium developer, anybody, it's just a brillant building."