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Mag Dubs Cowtown Affordable, But "Cheap"



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    "You're in a strong constellation, but you're living on the cheap side," Forbes magazine says.

    Forbes magazine has named Fort Worth one of the most affordable cities in the country, but residents have mixed feelings about the magazine's backhanded compliment.

    The publication compared Fort Worth to Dallas, saying, "You're in a strong constellation, but you're living on the cheap side."

    The description doesn't sit well with Fort Worth's mayor.

    "Fort Worth isn't cheap; it is affordable," Mayor Mike Moncrief said.

    Mag Dubs Cowtown Affordable, But "Cheap"

    [DFW] Mag Dubs Cowtown Affordable, But "Cheap"
    Fort Worth earns a backhanded compliment from Forbes magazine.
    (Published Wednesday, July 29, 2009)

    Forbes ranked the most affordable cities nationally by region, and Cowtown earned top honors as the best place to live in the West South-Central region.

    The criteria were primary life issues such as affordable housing, the crime rate and the average salary for college graduates.

    Other than "cheap" remark, Moncrief said the article -- and Fort Worth's No. 1 ranking -- is very flattering.

    "I think that's stronger than a horseradish milkshake," he said. "I couldn't be prouder. I'm very very pleased."

    But other residents were less diplomatic.

    "Cheap is not the right word," Carmen Adams said.

    She and her family moved to Fort Worth three years ago to settle down.

    "We have four kids," Adams said. "We wanted a great neighborhood for our children to live in that was safe."

    And she got more than she bargained for, she said. Her affordable home, the quality schools, the great parks and lots of culture all of it equal a wealth of opportunity that can't be bought in more glamorous cities, she said.

    "Everybody that you ever talk to that's grown up in Fort Worth never wants to leave, because they just love everything about it," Adams said.