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Want Vegan? Try Spiral Diner

Cruelty-free food doesn’t suffer bad taste



    Want Vegan? Try Spiral Diner
    Annie Potasznik
    Not your typical diner, Spiral wants to save the world one meal at a time.

    For diners interested in joining the vegan mafia, Spiral Diner is the undisputed boss. It first laid claim to its turf when it opened on Magnolia Street in Fort Worth. Its expansion eastward into Oak Cliff almost a year ago has served as an eye-opener to anyone with preconceived notions of veganism. It can taste good … really, really good.

    “I think a lot of people have the misconception that being a vegan means eating really bad food and having to give up stuff like queso that your taste buds really dig. I think the queso here is better than any other Mexican food restaurant I’ve eaten at,” said Taylor Tehan in between bites.

    Spiral Diner makes classic diner food vegan-style. This means comfort food faves such as a meatball sub, barbeque sandwich and Philly cheese steak are on its menu. The difference is the sub comes minus any meat, marinated and grilled seitan (wheat gluten) is the bulk of the barbeque sandwich and your cheese steak has none of the three ingredients that are its namesake. Talk about adventurous dining.

    Singer Erykah Badu is a regular, as are many celebs passing through that have a similar lifestyle. Vegans in both Fort Worth and Dallas have practically made Spiral Diner their second home because it takes the guesswork out of enjoying a cruelty-free meal. Trust is important when serving people who believe their daily diet doesn’t only effect themselves.

    “Every little meal that you eat is one more choice that you make that affects the whole planet,” said Sara Tomerlin, owner of the Oak Cliff location.

    Spiral Diner (two locations)
    Fort Worth
    1314 W. Magnolia Ave
    Fort Worth, TX 76104

    Oak Cliff
    1101 N. Beckley
    Dallas, TX 75203