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Waffle House is for Lovers

Romance and waffles unite



    Waffle House is for Lovers
    Frank Heinz
    Want to reserve a table for two this Valentine's Day? Check out Waffle House for a night of love.

    Candlelight, romance, and a plate of waffles could make this year's Valentine's Day extra special. Would you like eggs with that?

    For a second year in a row, Waffle House Restaurants across the country are now taking reservations for Valentine's Day. This means you can have your romance like your hashbrowns: scattered, smothered, covered, chunked and topped.

    But this isn't your typical breakfast for dinner. Last year, a flavor of love was added to the scruptious experience. The evening included candles, red table clothes, soft music, and waitors in red. Some couples even showed up in dresses and ties. 

    Divison manager Calvin Stokesbary, of Georgia, had love in mind when he came up with the idea of how to make sunny-side-up seem sunny-side-sexy. And this year, the love is spreading. A total of 32 Waffle House Restaurants are participating. One of them is in Fort Worth at 150 East Loop 820.

    Maybe the idea is actually brilliant. It's fast food which means you can eat quickly and go -- leaving more time for the fun stuff.