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Coming Soon: A Topless Coffee Shop?

Ahh, Maine. Home of lobsters, blueberries, pine trees, and -- if one man gets his way -- a diner serving up plenty of skin



    Coming Soon: A Topless Coffee Shop?
    Chichacha/Flickr Creative Commons
    Could Maine get the nation's first topless coffee shop? If you build it, they will come.

    Everyone's bellyaching about how small businesses are going to be roadkill in the faltering economy. Pish posh, we say. All you need's a good idea - like, say, a coffee shop where the ladyservers are partially nekkid. Where the daily special is two eggs, sunny side up. Where everybody takes it with two sugars and extra cream. (This one just doesn't quit, kids.)

    One Donald Crabtree has applied for a permit to open his venture in a former motel on Route 3 in Vassalboro, Maine (where the state motto is, fittingly, "Life the Way It Should Be"). Local reactions have ranged from full support (ha!) from those who believe "the prospect of half-naked waitresses will attract needed business" (read: fishermen who spend three months at sea without getting any) to others  who think the shop will attract the wrong kind of people (read: their wives).

    As for us, we're all for it. Let's not forget Maine's French heritage, people!