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West Seventh Taco Stand Is All-Night Hit

Taco Heads' street tacos are a hit all night long



    West Seventh Taco Stand Is All-Night Hit


    Every kitchen has its own specialty.

    Here at the Taco Heads taco stand outside the 7th Haven Bar in Fort Worth it’s that chance is best served in soft shells.

    West Seventh Taco Stand is an All-Night Hit

    [DFW] West Seventh Taco Stand is an All-Night Hit
    Taco Heads' street tacos are a hit all night long.
    (Published Monday, Jan. 10, 2011)

    Owner Sarah Castillo explains she wanted to be a part of the growing excitement in Fort Worth. "I just saw all the big changes going on and I wanted to be a part of it."

    Customer Allan Pickering thinks her idea really hits the spot. “It's brilliant. There are two bars out here that don't sell food."

    Castillo says the idea came to her when she was cooking breakfast in her kitchen. "One day it just hit me like taco stand."

    Now in a double axle trailer the size of two parking spaces she serves carnitas and brisket tacos with multiple toppings including avocado and slaw.

    Castillo’s success is catching the eye of 7th Maven bar owner Jimmy Moore.

    He lets her setup shop in his parking lot. "I've been watching her closely because what she does effects my bar. She has really increased traffic and brought out a different clientele that doesn't normally comes to my bar and just created a really fun atmosphere out here in the back."

    Building on his praise Moore gave her prime real estate. He built her an entire outdoor patio right outside his backdoor.

    Customers come by all night long especially around midnight when Castillo breaks out her special breakfast taco.

    It’s so popular Castillo sometimes starts an early bird at 11 or 11:30.

    You have many possibilities. You can choose from egg, bacon, cheese, Mexican potatoes, veggie mix and chorizo if you choose.

    The final rush comes after the bars close. With so much business many wonder if she'll expand. Castillio is thinking about it. "There's been talk about it, but I get nervous."

    But she’s not nervous enough not to try. Castillo might act on the same enthusiasm she started her business with. "Just go for it… I was nervous before and then I just went and got a trailer."

    It’s one of the many instances that have taught her there’s no set recipe to life. Just one made to order.

    Taco Heads Taco Stand
    7th Haven Bar
    2700 West 7th Street
    Fort Worth, TX 76107-2257