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Slurpees Move Beyond 7-Eleven

Semi-frozen drinks available at Cinemark



    Slurpees Move Beyond 7-Eleven
    Slurpees in the movies!

    by Bruce Felps

    In a dramatic move certain to replace the U.S. budget-deficit-borrowing cap, Rupert Murdoch, and the NFL lockout at the top of the news heap, 7-Eleven announced its plans to sell Sluprees at select Cinemark theaters.

    That sound you hear is presses grinding to a halt.

    OK, so maybe it’s not that earth-shattering, but 7-Eleven and Cinemark — and presumably many a moviegoer — thank heaven for the development.

    So here’s the deal: Cinemark theaters in Dallas, Houston, and Portland — guessing Oregon, here, and not Maine, although the official press release doesn't narrow it down — will sell the semi-frozen Coca-Cola derivative, poured by concession counter-jockeys or customers’ own hands. Coke provides three unspecified flavors, and purchasing the frosty beverages earns the slurper Slurpee Rewards points redeemable for — guess what — Cinemark movie passes.

    The deal marks the first time, save one trial run at a Dallas sports arena, for 7-Eleven to offer Slurpees at outlets other than its own stores, but the more interesting thing, to me, is that there are no 7-Eleven stores in Houston, so this is the only way for Houstonians to taste the slushie goodness, and speaking of which, what is the difference between a Slurpee, Slushie, and Icee?

    Oh, right, trademarks.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He wishes to remind the American reading and writing public that the word is spelled “theater” not “theatre.” This ain’t no damn England.