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Oscar-Shaped Treats, and Other Puckish Delights



    Oscar-Shaped Treats, and Other Puckish Delights
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    A peek at the elegant '08 Governor's Ball. The menu for the '09 shindig already has us dreaming...

    Oh sure, we like to eye the resplendent red-carpet happenings, the dolled-up gowns, the twirls, the "this old thing?' chitchats as stars drift past the entertainment journos. But we're really dreaming about the party to end all parties, the famous Governor's Ball, which happens just after the Oscars. If you're wondering why we're mentally jumping ahead, well, in a word, or two, the food. The delicious, over-the-top, drizzled in exquisite sauces food, overseen by none other than Wolfgang Puck himself. And consider that by the time the Governor's Ball gets swinging, all the winners are known and everyone can just kick off the spike heels and relax.

    But beyond kicking off their heels, they are eating. Drinking/kissing/carousing, too, as the magazines will later show in full-color photographs, but eating, too. And the menu for 2009? Think crab cakes crusted in wasabi peas. Kobe burgers with aged cheddar and remoulade (we love remoulade so very much, at least we think). Plus pizza made with yummies like smoked salmon and black truffles. And tons of other foodie-hypnotizing delectables.

    And, as always, Oscar-y type desserts. Thousands of small chocolate Oscars will be on the march -- or nestled next to dinner plates -- at the ball, and it just seems like this starry party wouldn't be the same without them. We're pleased to see them return year after year. 

    When all those starlets are saying on the red carpet that they had a half-cooked egg white 15 hours ago to fit into the dress they're wearing, maybe they're just saving room for all the good stuff to come at the Governor's Ball.