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Kroger Ready to Get Beer, Wine Sales Flowing

Grocery stores expect to be selling alcohol by Super Bowl Sunday



    Even with opponents filing a lawsuit to block the sale of beer and wine, stores in formerly dry areas of Dallas are getting ready to sell it.

    Dallas voters on Election Day overwhelmingly approved Proposition 1, a measure to allow citywide beer and wine sales in grocery and convenience stores.

    The Kroger store at Northwest Highway and Plano Road is one of four locations in Dallas planning to add beer and wine sales. The beer coolers and wine racks are already on order, and Kroger expects them to be in place by Dec. 1.

    "We had already planned a remodel for this store, so now it's fairly easy for us to take this aisle and put in refrigerated cases for beer, and then we'll also have a wine cellar and have plenty of room for a nice selection of wine," Kroger spokesman Gary Huddleston said.

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    But Kroger doesn't expect to get its beer and wine licenses for another two months.

    "The licensing process with TABC takes some time, so we anticipate having beer and wine in our Northwest Highway store sometime prior to Super Bowl Sunday," Huddleston said.

    The first permits are expected to be approved in early to late December.

    A coalition of liquor stores and South Dallas pastors who opposed Proposition 1 filed a lawsuit Friday to have the election results overturned. The lawsuit questions the authenticity of the signatures on the petition that led to the referendum.

    "The city acted in accordance with the law in certifying the petition, calling the election, conducting the election and canvassing the results," Dallas spokesman Frank Librio said in a statement. "The city will vigorously defend the decision of the voters of Dallas."

    The Texas 5th District Court of Appeals in August rejected an earlier challenge to the referendum by the group.

    The lawsuit does not include another alcohol-related measure that voters approved Nov. 2. Proposition 2 eliminates the requirement that restaurants in dry areas act as private clubs to sell alcohol.