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I'll Have a Chupacabra Burger, Hold the Mayo



    I'll Have a Chupacabra Burger, Hold the Mayo
    Omar Villafranca

    Buffalo is known for its chicken wings. Philadelphia is known for its cheesesteaks. Runaway Bay wants to be known for their Chupacabra burgers.

    One Stop of Texas, located in Bridgeport on US Highway 380, created the "Chupacabra Burger." Don't worry, it's not made with real Chupacabra. 

    Linda White, the restaurant/bait shop/grocery store owner, said the burger is made with a 1/3 pound of beef, chili, bun, grated-cheese, and a hot dog split down the middle.

    "We split the hot dog to make it look like paws. We use a pickle spear as the tail," White said.

    Customer can also get some "Chupa Chips" on the side.

    The Chupacabra craze in North Texas started earlier this year after an odd looking animal was found on a public golf course in Runaway Bay. Residents couldn't identify the hairless animal. Some folks thought it looked like the legendary Chupacabra, the goat-sucking beast of folklore.

    The animal was later identified as a diseased, hairless raccoon.

    The Runaway Bay City Council decided to adopt the Chupacabra as the town mascot earlier this year.