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“Hangover Brunch” Debuts Sunday

Clouds will part and a single ray of sunshine will lighten up Horne & Dekker



    “Hangover Brunch” Debuts Sunday
    Horne & Dekker
    Lemon yogurt with basil and granola in a melon bowl.

    Weekend partiers who typically wake up lamenting their pickled livers or pâté brains can now turn to Horne & Dekker for salvation on the Sabbath.

    Starting this weekend, the posh/casual patio will offer “Hangover Brunch” from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    Brunch is serious, if not almost political business for owners Shawn Horne (Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck, Kitchen 1924, York Street, Ferré, Abacus, Green Room) and Flynn Dekker (Fogo de Chão®).

    “We’re tired of hearing that breakfast, by itself, is the most important meal of the day. That belief has obviously been perpetuated by the vast number of breakfast lobbyists in Washington and Austin and we’re out to put brunch in its rightful place no matter what the risk to our own personal safety,” stated Horne & Dekker in a press release.

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    Who knew brunch was such a hot button topic? Well, actually, in Dallas -- a lot of people know. D-town is a brunch city. Gaggles of girls get together religiously at their favorite brunch spot  to bitch about men, croon lovingly about men or refuse to talk about men all together.

    Packs of men meet up to swig Micheladas and watch the aforementioned groups in hopes they may one day get a bit part in the drama.

    And what helps drama go down more smoothly? Fabulous brunch fare and limitless libations of course!

    Here’s a breakdown of Horne & Dekker’s brunch menu:

    • Dallas Farmers Market fruit plate
    • H&D Granola and lemon yogurt served in a melon bowl
    • Shrimp and grits fresh Creole seasoned shrimp blended with cheese grits
    • Ginger snap pancakes
    • Hangover eggs served scrambled with bacon, chorizo, peppers, mozzarella & herbs served in a tortilla bowl
    • Lox and bagels
    • The Reggie made from succulent rib meat, eggs and cheese grits
    • Brat in a blanket (nice name)
    • Corey’s calzone stuffed with scrambled eggs, sweet and spicy sausage, pepper jack and mozzarella cheese, pepperocinis, portabella mushrooms and charred tomato salsa
    • The Main Event “Double Dekker” pancake stacked atop buttermilk biscuits and smothered in gravy, surrounded by potato hash and topped with hangover eggs and brown sugar bacon.

    Here’s a break down of Horne & Dekker’s hair of the dog:

    • Walk of Shame, a concoction made with Zwack (a Hungarian fruit brandy), ginger beer and mint
    • Limitless Bloody Marys, Bloody Marias, Mimosas, Frozen Margaritas and Micheladas

    Horne & Dekker has stated, “Anyone needing to be rendered immediate aid upon arrival, will be greeted with complimentary breakfast biscuits served with honey butter and seasonal jam.”

    Isn’t that sweet? It sounds just like Mom’s house, minus the guilt plus a tab of at least $20 a person.