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Green House Truck Rolls Into Dallas

Will mobile concept take off or crash and burn?



    Green House Truck Rolls Into Dallas
    Annie Potasznik
    Tweet This: the Green House truck is rolling out fast, healthy food.

    The popularity of mobile dining is slowly on the rise like Bedouin flat bread baking in the sun. And with the launch of the Green House gourmet food truck, the trend has finally made its way to Dallas.

    But will the buzz continue? Can the fickle, gourmand Illuminati of this illustrious city grab the wheel and hold onto its concept?

    Is having to check the Green House truck Twitter page too much of a hassle to keep a hungry slag parked at their desk, going for the ole Chinese takeout menu instead?

    If we ask one more question are you going to lose it and leave a crappy comment? Okay, Okay, here’s our answer.

    This Food Truck Offers More Than Tacos

    [DFW] This Food Truck Offers More Than Tacos
    The Green House truck is friendly to the environment and your tummy.
    (Published Saturday, April 3, 2010)

    The Green House truck will succeed because this foodie response to the recession tastes too good. It’s healthy; it’s fast and who doesn’t enjoy a nice scavenger hunt before a meal?

    Besides, mobile eateries are all the rage on the West Coast. And we think owner Michael Siegal’s and chef Ben Hutchison’s concept will have even more staying power than another California trend that swept the nation years ago -- Ed Hardy and Affliction T-shirts.

    Unlike the bedazzled and blinged out craze, the Green House truck offers something good for you. And it's neither overpriced nor tacky. Just sayin'.

    As evidenced by recent guerrilla-style restaurants popping up on the scene, diners crave any opportunity to have fun with their food.

    And what’s more fun than an outdoor bistro with yummy, affordable food?

    Owner Michael Seigal wants people to think of his converted Ford truck as “an outdoor coffee shop/ WiFi hot spot, where you can grab your food and enjoy you meal outside.”

    The Green House truck is currently only allowed to operate in the Park Cities neighborhood of Dallas.

    Eventually its engine will run on natural gas.

    Expect to see a whole fleet of Green House trucks in the future if the whole mobile/interactive eating/healthy fast food concept speeds ahead.

    Mobile dim sum, anyone?

    Here's a national list of other mobile street food vendors using Twitter.