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Get recipes, tips and tricks from the top local chefs

Gourmet Yourself With Local Recipes

Delicious dishes you can make at home



    Gourmet Yourself With Local Recipes

    Love the delicious recipes served by Dallas-Fort Worth area restaurants? So do we!

    Throughout our features on so many North Texas eateries, we've compiled a big list of local recipes that you can prepare at home.

    Get the recipes, tips and tricks from the top local chefs by clicking on the links below.

    Recipes are broken up into types. Click the link to jump to that section of the list, or just browse the whole document.

    Appetizers | Salads and Sides | Entrees | Desserts | Drinks


    Go Fish - Fried Green Tomatoes
    David's Seafood Grill - Crab Cakes
    Kent Rathbun - Smoked Pork Sliders
    Hibiscus - Tempura Onion Rings
    Bailey's Prime Plus - Onion Rings
    Hacienda On Henderson - White Queso
    Lumi - Ahi Tuna Nachos
    Sangria - Cazuela
    Eddie V - Crispy Cashew Calamari
    Mellow Mushroom - "House Special" Pizza

    Salads & Sides

    Eddie V's - Warm Goat Cheese Salad
    Brownstone - Smoked Chicken Salad Wedge
    Dallas Zen Sushi - Hiyashi Chuka (Summer Noodle Salad)
    Culpepper Steakhouse - Mel's Salad
    Cowtown Diner- Creamed Mustard Greens
    Woodfire- Spanish Chorizo Couscous
    Glass Cactus- Grilled Chayote Jicama Slaw Soup
    Garden Café - Cauliflower Soup
    Ellerbe's- Creamy Corn Soup
    Chef Asdren- Stock Show Stew
    Sangria- hite Gazpacho Recipe


    Eddie V's - Texas Redfish with Meuniere Sauce
    Eddie V's - Alaskan Halibut Recipe
    Horne and Dekker - Double Dekker
    Horne and Dekker - Marinated Lamb in Port Wine Sauce
    Horne and Dekker - Brine Pork Chop With Bread Pudding
    The Green Room - Quail Scamorza and Herb Gratin
    Media Grill & Bar - Shrimp and Chorizo Flatbread
    Hacienda On Henderson - Mac N'Cheese Chimichanga
    Cowtown Diner - Catfish Tempura
    Rick's Steak and Chophouse - Ancho Glazed Texas Quail
    Rise No. 1 - Jambon & Gruyère Soufflé
    Bolsa - Texas Bobwhite Quail
    Patry - Canard a L'orange
    Bengal Coast - Goan-Style Mussels
    DISH - Free Range Roasted Chicken
    Buli - Spicy Turkey Club Panini
    Fred's - Philly Cheesesteak
    Tillman's Roadhouse - Venison and Wild Mushroom Frito Pie

    Nonna - Branzino With Salsa Verde
    Nonna - Fettucine with Italian Sausage
    Glass Cactus - Fish Tacos
    Stephan Pyles - Summer Corn, Crab and Tomatoes Recipe
    Stephan Pyles - Bone-in Cowboy Ribeye
    Pyramid - Peking Duck Recipe
    Pyramid - Salmon Recipe
    Preston's Recipe - Ugly Pug Beer Braised Short Ribs
    Sea Bass Over Lobster Risotto
    Seafood Saltado Recipe
    Butter Spaghetti with Shrimp and Mushrooms
    Low Fat King Ranch Chicken
    Pork Prime Rub with Bourbon Gravy
    Bratwurst Burger on Pretzel Bun


    Ridglea Jazz Cafe - Strawberries Romanoff
    Craft Dallas - Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Ice Cream Sandwiches
    Grace- Espresso Crème Brûlée
    Simple Steps to Cupcake Confection Perfection
    Mardi Gras cake

    Mehgan Harrison's Chocolate Pie

    Neiman’s Cookie Myth Busted!
    Easy As Pie - Pastry recipes
    Chocolate-Banana Bread Pudding


    Geisha- House's Sake-tini
    Lumi- Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita

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