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Eat And Drink Like A Roman

Not your average spaghetti and meatballs



    Eat And Drink Like A Roman
    Chef Barsotti wants his guests to enjoy a true Italian meal at Nonna.

    Nonna is having a dinner to celebrate the cuisine of Rome, Italy May 11-May 13.

    Here is the press release:

    Roman cuisine is the ultimate Italian comfort food and spring is the ideal time to celebrate it. To name a few examples: Squash blossoms, artichokes and favas are hitting their peak and highlight classic Roman dishes. We will explore Roman cuisine from several perspectives. 

    Boot Fusion at Nonna

    [DFW] Boot Fusion at Nonna
    Locavores will salivate over chef Julien Barsotti traditional, grandma-like Italian fare.
    (Published Saturday, Sept. 19, 2009)

    First, we will strive to preserve classic dishes like spaghetti alla carbonara and tonnarelli cacio e pepe by paying careful attention to details. All semolina pastas will be extruded through bronze dies, using freshly milled flour. Guanciale and pancetta which provide the foundation of flavor for many Roman pastas cured on premises from Berkshire pork. 
    We will also thoughtfully source staple ingredients like pecorino and peppercorns from small artisanal producers. Second, we will explore lesser known dishes of the Eternal City like Jewish style fried artichokes and gnocchi alla Romana baked in the wood oven. Lastly, we will draw inspiration from Rome's cucina povera to create our own interpretation of Roman cuisine.
    Dishes will include, but not be limited to:
    Squash blossoms two ways:  Fried and stuffed with mozzarella and anchovy
    Baked and stuffed with ricotta and basil
    Olive oil poached Albacore belly with Controne beans, pickled local chiles and arugula
    Jewish style whole artichokes fried in extra virgin olive oil
    Charred broccoli with spring garlic and Calabrian hot pepper
    Puntarelle with house cured anchovy, lemon and shaved pecorino
    Fettucine with ragu of whole suckling pig
    Rigatoni with sugo of braised wagyu oxtails
    Bigoli with duck prosciutto, duck egg, parmigiano reggiano and black pepper
    Farro Piccolo all Amatriciana
    Black Spaghettini with thumbnail manila clams, white wine, shallot and Calabrian hot pepper
    Wood oven roasted whole black sea bass with salsa of mint, almonds, ramps and capers
    Wood oven roasted Poussin hen al diavola
    Mixed grill of spring lamb: chop, sausage, leg of
    Involtini di carne alla Romana: Wagyu beef roll ups stuffed with speck and artichokes,   
    braised in San Marzano tomatoes             
    Pizza bianco with burratta, zucchini blossoms and basil
    Pizza carbonara: Farm eggs, guanciale, aged provolone, black pepper and parsley
    Tasting of pecorinos form all over Italy
    Call 214-521-1800 for reservations.

    Find It:
    4115 Lomo Alto
    Dallas, Texas 75219