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Don't Offer This Girl Just Any Old Beer



    When Katarina Van Derham first walks into a room, you can't help but notice her long, blond hair, piercing blue-green eyes and other "assets" that make her this year's St. Pauli Girl spokesmodel.

    "This tradition goes back to the early '80s. I believe I am the 26th St. Pauli Girl," said Van Derham.

    We caught up with Van Derham at Blackfin in Addison.

    But once you look beyond the sexy image, you'll soon find this Slovakian transplant is extremely down-to-earth.

    "Do you think I feel that beautiful?" said Van Derham. "No, I don't. But somehow it comes out -- maybe because of my attitude or life journey, or I'm always trying to have a good time wherever I go and never have a big head thinking I am somebody."

    Since moving to the United States 11 years ago, Van Derham has embraced all things American.

    "I got the confidence when I came here. Americans helped me build my confidence; I didn't have it," said Van Derham. "In Eastern Europe, it's very depressed -- everybody is trying to bring you down."

    Last Call with St. Pauli Girl Beer Spokesmodel Katarina Van Derham

    [DFW] Last Call with St. Pauli Girl Beer Spokesmodel Katarina Van Derham
    St. Pauli Girl spokesmodel Katarina Van Derham talks about the beer, boys and the brand. (still pictures courtesy Eva Eklund)
    (Published Thursday, July 8, 2010)

    "Once I came here, everybody (said), 'Hey you're beautiful; you're awesome,' and I started to believe in myself," said Van Derham. 

    Van Derham is the first St. Pauli Girl to be selected via on online vote, which was conducted by Maxim magazine.

    "It's the coolest gig ever," said Van Derham.

    She compares her appointment to the same thing Miss USA may experience.

    Much like a pageant winner, Van Derham holds her title for a year, travels around the country representing the brand, makes public appearances and appears on posters as the St. Pauli Girl.

    "It's an honor, it really is," said Van Derham. "I've been having such a blast."

    In addition to being a spokesmodel for the German lager, Van Derham also models, acts, speaks five different languages and is working on her own makeup line and enjoys spending time outside.

    "I'm a very outdoorsy-type person," said Van Derham. "I like white-water rafting and hiking."

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