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Ding Dong! Steak Delivery Comes to Fort Worth



    Ding Dong! Steak Delivery Comes to Fort Worth
    Yum. Steak.

    When pizza has lost it's pizazz and you're ready to chuck the Chinese cuisine, maybe ordering from Steak-Out Fire-Grilled Delivery could save you from the ding-dong delivery doldrums.

    The steak-for-delivery franchised opened near TCU in late November, the Star-Telegram reports, but it's part of a larger national concept that's been 15 years in the making.

    "A lot of people just don’t believe it -- that we’ll deliver a great-tasting steak, cooked as you want it," co-owner Mark Kimetold the Star-T.

    The concept has us intrigued but skeptical. There have been times we've wanted a Porterhouse in our penthouse, but can the steak stay in it's prime condition after a trek in some 16-year-old's Ford Focus?

    Kime says Steak-Out will be able to deliver a hot slice of beef to your door within 30 to 40 minutes of the order -- with no need to reheat. It's a great idea, but we'll have to try it for ourselves before calling the concept "well done."

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