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Dallas Can Only Swig Dr Pepper

$2.3 million deal gives Dr Pepper exclusive vending, pouring rights in city buildings



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    When Dallas city employees head to the "Coke machine" soon, they won't be able to buy a Coke at all -- the city voted unanimously last night to give Plano-based Dr Pepper exclusive rights to sell their fizzy drinks in 500 vending machines placed in city buildings.

    The $2.3 million deal also gives Dr Pepper exclusive rights to pour at the Meyerson Symphony Center and Dallas Convention Center through the five-year deal.

    Coca-Cola did make a last-ditch effort to win the soda showdown, but Dallas' chief financial officer Dave Cooktold the Dallas Morning News that Dr Pepper's deal won mainly due to time -- Coke's version of the arrangement could have lasted 10 years compared to Dr Pepper's five.