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Welcome to Local Looks!



    Welcome to Local Looks!
    Steve Lemonds, NBCDFW.com
    Designer: Lindsay Weatherread (Additional Credits)

    After planting roots in Stanley Marcus' downtown shop, being nurtured and raised by Kim Dawson's careful touch, and developing beyond what "Dallas" showed America, DFW's fashion identity is one of variation and new concepts that still keeps the western flair and down-to-earth access. Now, the world is catching on.

    We have headquarters for department chains only miles away from burgeoning young talent, thriving in artist communities. We have an eastern block of contemporary elegance mixed with a western glamor that still cries out "everything is bigger in Texas." We have more shops per capita than anyone else, our design tastes range into every style, and we're drawing crowds to our design districts, expos, and trade centers.

    Like we explored earlier in the year, DFW is situated to be a stunning player in the future of fashion...and here are some designers taking up their roles.

    Throughout the week of April 26-30, we highlighted five DFW-area designers and dug into their inspirations and aspirations (and the clothes, of course!) to help more people connect with the local flavors of fashion. Check out our feature page to see the profiles and designs from Designer Fashion Week, as well as future fashion features.

    Additional Photo Credits:
    To showcase the designers' looks, NBCDFW put together a fashion photo shoot for all the designers. Below are additional credits for the photos you'll be seeing all week long, as well as some special thanks to those who helped with the shoot.

    Photography: Steve Lemonds, Greg Janda, Sarah Macias, Elise Smith

    Hair:Sharin Whitesitt, Cody Patterson

    Makeup:Estee Lauder - Dallas Regional Team: Karen Harris, Manager; Christina Mauro, Emma Sturgess, Helen Whatley, Katie Slota, Linda Schiaich, Lindsey Fry

    Accessories: Accents Fashion Accessories

    Models:Stacy Butz, Robert Ruiz, Chanel, Megan, and Allegra with Wallflower Management

    Lighting: Libby Altwegg

    Special Thanks:Lisa Petty, Theal Shadden, Elvira Sakmari, Annie Potasznik