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Trend Alert: Designer Nipples

London cosmetic nip surgery is up a whopping 30% since last year



    Trend Alert: Designer Nipples
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    Heather Graham and Bradley Cooper at the premiere of The Hangover.

    People don't just want Victoria Beckham's hair, waistline, and husband. Apparently, they covet her particular brand of peanut smuggling.

    London's Harley Medical Group reports a 30-percent upswing in surgical nipple procedures since last year, says the Daily Mail. Ladies unhappy with their headlights will usually bring in photos of celebrities, ah, showing -- and more often than not, the photos are of one Posh Spice. (Grazia Daily suggests Jennifer Aniston and Heather Graham also sport enviably pert pairs.)

    In one of the best quotes we've read this month, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Riccardo Frati told the Mail that "Until now celebrities didn't expose their nipples so they were no 'nipple role models'."

    The surgery costs in the vicinity of $3300, the mail notes, and can apparently alter shape, size and color. Naturally, this surgery is readily available in L.A. -- but we wonder whether Hamptons-going dames will hop on the nipwagon.