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Sneak Peek at Top Secret Vogue Documentary



    Sneak Peek at Top Secret Vogue Documentary
    What bores Anna Wintour? "Mediocrity."

    The September Issue—the documentary about Anna Wintour and Vogue—has been largely kept under tight wraps for the past few months after the film was initially screened at Sundance in January. Not only are the staffers not talking about it, apparently a group of British fashion folks apparently got to view the whole thing ... and are now forbidden to speak about it.

    Thus, as you can imagine, rumors have been madly swirling about the 90-minute feature: How cruel is Anna really? How much retouching is really done on those famous cover shots?

    Well, now it seems Fashion Week Dailygot their hot little hands on a screener, and it's packed with juicy little tidbits that are now spreading like wildfire.Here are some prize morsels:

    Anna feuds with creative director Grace Coddington:
    Even though the two apparently started at the exact same day at Vogue, the two of them definitely butt heads creatively. In one clip, Grace became incredibly frustrated after Anna began killing a ton of fashion spreads, and got really frustrated over Wintour's constant desire to retouch photographs and covers (wanting to remove, for example, a cameraman's paunch in one shot).

    Bee doesn't want to be a fashion editor:
    In one candid moment, Bee Schaeffer (Anna Wintour's daughter) balks at the idea of following in her mother's footsteps. "I respect her, obviously, but it's just a really weird industry. It's just not for me. She wants me to be an editor. I would never put it down, but I just don't want to take it too seriously. People in there act like fashion is life. It's really amusing, but if that's your career—there are other things out there, seriously." (Um, oh snap!)

    Andre Leon Tally took up tennis for Anna:
    Apparently, the thin-is-always-in Wintour approached ALT a few years ago to lose some weight (perhaps in the same way she suggested to Oprah that she also lost some weight? In that "friendly" way?). The gentle giant apparently complied and decided to take up tennis—Louis Vuitton racket and all!

    The documentary was co-produced by (gasp) Hearst?
    According to FWD, editors within the Hearst Corporation (Conde Nast's big rival) are claiming that The September Issue was co-produced by A&E IndieFilms, which Hearst owns. It seems a little crazy to imagine the two rivals actually collaborating on such a project ... but it also seems downright awful that Hearst would in some way sabotage the project. So, well, we're just not sure what to do with that kind of information. Maybe any profit is good profit in these rough magazine days ...