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Green is the New Black

North Texas designer reuses what many have given away



    All Dressed in White
    While designer T-shirts aren't cheap, tapping into a green line may soften the blow.

    Designer T-shirts are a fall must-have for men and women and while most aren't cheap, when you're supporting a good cause it might soften the blow just a bit.

    That's where Stanley Jackson comes into play.  He says he was green before it was cool, and that's why he created "G Wear."

    "I started out with my own clothing, thrift stores or whatever," Jackson says.

    Jackson creates angels, cats and crosses, all from old discarded materials.

    Green is the New Black

    [DFW] Green is the New Black
    Designer T-shirts aren't cheap, but when you're tapping into a green line it may soften the blow.
    (Published Saturday, Oct. 25, 2008)

    You can find G Wear at Fort Worth's Dean Kingston.

    The designer shirts retail at about $80.