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Go Solo

Stand-alone tops to avoid layering.



    Go Solo
    Go with the flow.

    RIGHT RUFFLES: For a combination of retro romance and smart dressing, try the Silk Blouse with Pleat Details ($60) at Ann Taylor. The mandarin color and textured cuffs are too pretty to be hid.

    PRETTY PEASANT: Sheer fabrics showcase their full-flowing glory when left unfettered by sweaters and such. Slip on the GuessJennifer Scarf Top ($79) in neutral paisley print and let it speak for itself.

    WELL WRAPPED: Bright colors and patterns almost have to be left alone, and happily so. For work, wrap up in the Liz Claiborne Plaid Crossover top with gold side buttons ($40) for a bold top option (also available in crisp white). Find it at Macy's.

    CHIC CHIFFON: Even your casual wear can stand a day off from fussy coordination. The Elizabeth and James Chiffon Overlay top ($195) at Bloomingdale's looks great all by itself.

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