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Carson Kressley Talks Margaritas and Neiman Marcus



    Carson Kressley Talks Margaritas and Neiman Marcus
    Abby Gregory,
    Carson Kressley mingles with Dallas fans post-luncheon.

    The effusive and hilarious Carson Kressley put himself on the auction block last week in support of the Child Abuse Prevention Center, giving one lucky Dallas girl the chance to lunch, shop, and spa with him one-on-one. The philanthropic luncheon was a smashing success; Kressley played host and auctioneer for the event and even managed to find time to chat with us for a few minutes after the wildly fun lunch concluded.

    You're a fashion icon and guru, what's your wardrobe advice to girls on a budget?
    "I think it's so much more interesting when women mix high and low fashion. Retailers like Target and JCPenney are doing such great lines right now, and throwing on those pieces with an incredible foundation jacket or bag from somewhere glamourous like Bergdorf Goodman makes a much more unique statement than head-to-toe designer. People talk so much about the negative impact of the state of the economy on fashion, but I totally disagree. Having to do more with less forces designers and women to be more inventive and there is nothing better than that for creativity. Doing more with less is beautiful."

    You have your own well-priced line, Perfect, that you sell through QVC; what's next for the label?
    "Spring 2011 is a work in progress, and I'm so proud to be selling clothes that make women feel fantastic in how they look and what they spent to get that way. I like making women feel beautiful."

    What do you think that women can do right this second to look and feel better in their clothes?
    "Buy a great bra! Foundation garmets are crucial, and all women should establish a way to wear color that's flattering to them. Find 'their' color, so to speak. I always think adding scarves to your wardrobe is an easy way to add in color and a layer of interest too. And always avoid fads. Trends are good, fad is bad."

    What are the finds you love the most in your own closet?
    "I adore shopping the outlets for high-end stores like Barney's and Neiman Marcus, and the day I found a Lanvin tux jacket at an outlet in Camarillo, Califorina was better than Christmas! It's gorgeous; I also love a pair of Tom Ford shoes that I had been dying to have but wouldn't pay full price for and finding them at a discount was amazing. I almost wore them today, actually."

    Would've loved to see them! What are your impressions of Dallas and have you spent time here previously?
    "Yes! When I was doing Queer Eye we were here for almost two months; I even ended up dating a guy here. I really like it here so much. Last night is a great example, some friends took me to Fearing's for my birthday and before you knew it we had made new acquaintances. I love it that everyone here is so warm and quick to make new friends."

    When you're not busy being fabulous, what captivates your interests?
    "My idea of a good time is having friends over for a yummy dinner, and riding my horses is the most perfect afternoon, in my opinion. I always relax if I can be in nature, just taking a walk is good for me. And if that doesn't work, then I try margaritas!"

    That's right, you won the 2009 American Saddlebred World Championship! What's next for your equestrian pursuits?
    "I'm headed to the American Royal show in Kansas City; my niece is going too, and I love that horses are a passion for four different generations of my family. I've also got several younger horses who are getting ready to turn three, so I'll be starting their training very soon."

    You've got so many projects in the works, and one of the coolest is your children's book, "You're Different and That's Super." Any plans for more children's writing?
    "I'd really like to do a book that relates to bullying. There has been so much press about gay bullying, but kids of all types, ages, and races are being bullied as well. I want to talk about that and would love to do another book."

    Kressley departs Dallas for San Francisco to host their AmfAR event, one of the largest in the country; we know it'll be a wonderful time.