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What You're Doing for Election Night



    What You're Doing for Election Night
    Our long national nightmare is about to be over.

    Our long national nightmare is about to be over.

    Finally, commercials will return to normal, your Facebook page won't be filled with political commentary, and, best of all, YouTube's featured video section should once again be taken over by cat videos.

    But we've still got today to get through. Here's What You're Doing to spend it right.

    GO VOTE:
    Seriously, you haven't voted yet? You can find out where to go and what to do using this link, and then prepare yourself to stand in line for a while to cast your ballot. Really, though, this should have been on your agenda for today for a long time, so we're just reminding you...right?

    Many polls start closing at 7 p.m. Eastern time, so we should start knowing the results of the national elements (President, for instance) around 6 p.m. DFW time. NBC 5 will have live coverage on-air and online of all the national and local races, so you can see what the results are via video, constantly updating text results, Facebook, Twitter, text message, and more. We'll even send you an e-mail with who wins President if you want...

    There are a number of local watch parties to join up and watch election results. One big one is being thrown by D Magazine at the Granada Theater. They'll have live music, entertainment, and election results. It's non-partisan, which should be nice. Our Events Calendar also has a list of other election-related activities and watch parties. Click here to find that.

    How are you spending Election Day? Tell us in the comments field below.