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What You're Doing Tonight: May 5



    What You're Doing Tonight: May 5
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    The D-o-double-G is in the hizzle.

    NOT A FISH MAN: Look, if you know Country music, you know Vince Gill -- so any time he's in town is a reason to put on those dressy boots. Tonight's show at the Meyerson goes a little further, though, as it's a benefit for Vogel Alcove, a charity that helps homeless children in DallasGood music for a good cause at 8 p.m.

    NOT FROM AUSTRALIA: Flight of the Conchords was our favorite HBO series (sadly, the show is done after two seasons *sob*) but the band also rocks our stereos with their "Boom Boom" songs about Rhymenoceroses. They're clever as all get out, but also play really great tunes. Check them out at NOKIA Theatre at 7:30 p.m.

    NOT IN JAIL: The D-oh-double-G is in the hizzle, y'all. Frankly, we're surprised he's not doing time after all those brushes with the law, but whatever, he can still flow. Nowadays, though, it looks like Snoop's been slowing down -- being in the Father-Hood, singing about sensual seductions, and playing a rapper on Monk. Whatever happened to "Gin and Juice," Dogg? Check him at the HIzzle o' Blizzle (House of Blues) at 8 p.m.