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What You're Doing Tonight: Friday, April 3



    What You're Doing Tonight: Friday, April 3
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    Designer Indashio poses with model Heather Lynn, who's happy his paws are occupied, at Bryant Park in 2008.

    Jack With One Eye at City Tavern, 10pm

    If a band is going to reference Twin Peaks in its name, the music better be mind-blowing -- lest the players take the fate of Laura Palmer, washed up naked on the shore with the chill of brutal death upon them. We're not issuing any real threats to less-talented David Lynch fans. It's just that the twisted mill-town murder mystery soap opera was so deliciously artful, and the soundtrack so zany and perfect, any claim to its fame carries the weight of greatness. DFW has two experimental groups who tread on Twin Peaks territory with references to the show in their names: Denton's The Black Lodge, and Dallas' Jack With One Eye, who makes hazy lullabies for an eager, sleepless Audrey Horne. Fans of My Bloody Valentine, Ulrich Schnauss, and Slowdive should have their interests, ahem, piqued. $5. 1402 Main Street in Dallas.

    Leonard Cohen at Nokia Live, 7:30pm

    "I balance on a wishing well that all men call the world," Leonard Cohen sings on "Stories of the Street". Think about that line for a minute, a day, a week. Such is the effect of Cohen's songwriting, arresting lyrics that Jeff Buckley and Nina Simone and Bob Dylan and so many other queens and kings of song have honored and furthered with covers. If you can't make see Cohen sing his own songs in Grand Prarie tonight -- one of the best bets of the year -- there's always I'm Your Man, the 2005 documentary film that shows Cohen's effect on music with performances of his work by artists he impacted, Nick Cave and Bono among them. See our Events listing for ticket info and directions.

    Indashio fashion show at the McKinney Performing Arts Center, 6pm

    We recently kicked out a call to action for DFW fashionistas to shop local; there's no excuse with events like The Pin Show to keep us up on who's behind the Dallas area's ongoing projects of the runway. Well, Indashio, the winner of the VH1 series Glam God, a show we first heard of five minutes ago, is fresh from New York fashion week to promote his new collection. Why should we care about a cheeseball wanna-be NYC tabloid celeb who makes boob-baring denim tops that look like chewed-up gauze? Somebody, anybody? Tickets are $40. 111 North Tennessee St. in McKinney.