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What You're Doing This Weekend



    What You're Doing This Weekend
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    Get ready for a weekend crowded with events.

    There's almost too much to do! But that does mean you have options. We pulled together a categorical listing of the events you're planning to attend:

    It's NASCAR weekend, baby, so if you're a speed freak, you know where you'll be.

    Still, you've got the Stars vs. Blues at the AAC on Saturday night, and the Mavs come home to fight Phoenix -- and they better win, or it's bye-bye playoff hopes -- on Sunday.

    Deep Ellum is alive (at least for the weekend) while the Deep Ellum Arts Festival is taking up the streets. It's the fifteenth year of this free festival featuring art, live music, and good eats sprinkled about. Go see why folks in Dallas still want to save this unique stretch from 11 to 10 on Saturday, 11 to 7, Sunday.

    Will Rodgers Memorial Center host the annual Fort Worth Home Show, which claims to be the last major Home and Garden event of the season. Now that the weather is warming up, we're considering getting out their to see what we can do with our flowerbeds. Runs through Sunday.

    Charlie Murphy is comedy dynasty -- the brother of famed SNL'er Eddie and cohort on Dave Chappell's Chappell Show. His Charlie Murphy True Hollywood Stories were some of the best parts of Chappell's program, and, for certain, you'll hear some of that schtick at Addison's Improv Saturday or Sunday night. Just don't be that heckler in the front row yelling, "I'm Rick James, bitch!"

    Not going to lie: Last Comic Standing contestant Jon Reep was never my favorite joker on the show. Still, he's been working hard doing a Comedy Central Presents special, plus other stand-up gigs. Chuckle at his stuff at Hyena's Comedy Club in Fort Worth Saturday.

    Robyn Hitchcock's an English singer-songwriter that is rather well known across the pond -- but frankly, some of the guys he's playing alongside at Saturday's Granada Theater show are better well known -- two guys in R.E.M (Peter Buck and  Bill Rieflin) and one from The Minus 5's (Scott McCaughey). Get more info (and tickets!) here.

    Technically, there will be music at Dolce Vendetta tonight -- 1608 Main St., Dallas -- but the real draw is Shaq's scheduled appearance. Yeah, that's Shaquille O'Neal -- former rapper, actor, video game character, and current basketball player -- in Dallas to be the celebrity host for the first "celebrity party of the summer." We'll say this; he should be easy to spot in a crowd...

    We were gushing about this when we first heard, but here's your reminder -- the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra will play the live score to The Wizard of Oz while audiences watch the film. What a cool way to show this cinema classic and support the classical musicians at the same time! /geek out.