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Star Sighting: Jesse Metcalfe at Plush

Pretty boy Jesse Metcalfe partied in downtown Dallas last night



    Star Sighting: Jesse Metcalfe at Plush
    Mark Alonzo
    Ahh ... isn't he dreamy?

    Pretty boy Jesse Metcalfe partied at Plush in downtown Dallas last night. Sometimes celebrities can disappoint in the looks department when seen outside of the pristine pretty haze of High Definition. Not so with Metcalfe, he measured up -- in every way. He looked good -- really good -- so much so that scantily clad fans clamored over one another to touch him.

    Sequestered in the darkest corner of the upstairs VIP area, the actor obliged his estrogen-laden-lady fans by posing for pictures. Sipping vodka like a good Cali boy, Metcalfe was amicable, an easy-going partier who didn’t rage or slam shots. He minded his P’s and Q’s like a pro -- no one was going to catch him acting a fool or looking less than together. (Perhaps he learned his lesson from falling off a second-story balcony after a 'couple of glasses of Champagne' at last year's World Music Awards in Monaco?)

    The sexy actor best known for playing a gardener on Desperate Housewives, disappeared from Plush at 1 a.m. for forty-five minutes. Perhaps he had some bushes to attend to? Who knows? His exodus was the catalyst for most of the club’s females to follow in hot perfumed pursuit. How could they know he would return, like a blue-eyed Adonis to close the club down? As for where he went after that. Well, we can't tell you everything now can we?