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Parrotheads Flock to Frisco



    Parrotheads Flock to Frisco
    Jimmy Buffett fans have turned Frisco into Margaritaville.

    Parrotheads have turned Frisco into Margaritaville.

    Thousands of Jimmy Buffett fans brought their RVs to the parking lot around Pizza Hut Park to tailgate on Friday, one day before Saturday night's concert. But the Buffett fans are not only pouring margaritas; they're also pouring money into the Frisco economy.

    The Frisco Convention & Visitors Bureau said hotel rooms were filling up and restaurants near the concert were seeing long lines. John Wagner, of the Frisco CVB, estimated that the concert weekend would pump $9 million to $10 million into the Frisco economy.

    Jeffrey Frankel, who owns Mattito's and Go-Go Burger in Frisco Square, said his business during the concert weekend had jumped up.

    Parrotheads Turn Frisco Into Margaritaville

    [DFW] Parrotheads Turn Frisco Into Margaritaville
    Jimmy Buffett fans have dropped anchor in North Texas for a concert.
    (Published Friday, May 21, 2010)

    "We sent some extra staff from our downtown restaurant up here, and extra managers up here, added a few extra tables for the weekend," he said.

    Dan Jobe, a parrothead from New Mexico, said he has been to Frisco seven times for various Jimmy Buffett concerts.

    "This is better than Christmas," he said. "I look more forward to this than Christmas. This a family reunion for our clan, you see. I've got my son coming in from Boston, my brothers here from Dayton, and nine of us came in from Albuquerque."

    Jobe said he'll keep coming to Frisco and spending his money as long as Buffett keeps playing at Pizza Hut Park.

    "Oh, we're going to keep coming back," he said. "I tell you what, the day he stops, I don't know what I'm going to do."