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Down to the Roots: Kyan Douglas' Dallas Ties

We chat with the "Queer Eye" beauty expert



    Down to the Roots: Kyan Douglas' Dallas Ties
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    One of Kyan Douglas' favorite meals to eat while visiting Dallas is the beer biscuits at Barbecs near White Rock Lake in Dallas.

    Beauty expert Kyan Douglas is humble. Not many stylists who have achieved his level of fame would ever admit to having a bad hair day. But Douglas is different; his relaxed demeanor is more Austin than L.A. and he prefers to hang at any local dive bar than a trendy club.

    He even admitted on camera that before his stint on the reality show "Queer Eye", Douglas went through a bad hair phase in his youth. He tried to make his unappealing style pretty by using (gasp) Sun-In.

    The end result was an orange mullet.

    This glimpse into his past -- hockey hair aside -- shows Douglas’ early affinity and inclination for making unappealing hair beautiful.

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    At age 21, Douglas moved to Dallas from his small hometown in Florida. He considered Dallas "the big city" and soon made connections that would last after he moved away. Douglas credits stylist Todd Allen for giving him the hair bug and planting the seed for the growth of his successful hair career.

    Big hair, fake boobs and egos aside, Douglas genuinely adores the Big D. He describes Dallas hair as very glamorous, voluptuous, full-bodied hair.

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    “I always give Dallas big props when I travel because it has everything. There’s amazing food here, it’s very fashion forward, great hair, great style – you really got it going on here,” Douglas told us.


    Douglas is in town working as a spokesperson for a new brand of hair products called Her Cut. Consider it an insider’s edge for keeping hair looking fabulous long after clients have walked out the salon door.

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    "It's hair care for your hair cut," Douglas explained. "Something that really isn't talked about too much is that everyone's haircut is one of five basic cuts. So, when you love your hair, you're loving the way that it's cut because your hair dresser used some very specific techniques to make your hair behave a certain way and that’s what you're loving about your hair. So we've created five different styling catalysts that are each formulated differently to correspond to each of the five different haircuts.”

    Douglas spoke about the benefits of having a product that understands what the hair is supposed to be doing because of the way that it’s cut. This makes recreating salon-style at home much easier -- it’s all about product, people.

    “This brand extends the life of client’s hair cuts, which is great because everyone knows how expensive taking care of the hair can be,” said Douglas.

    Hmmm. Author, yogi, TV host, hair guru -- what more should we expect from Douglas? It could be a new project he might shoot in Dallas this summer. We say; come back, honey, you're always welcome here.

    Enjoy a free hair consultation from Douglas at the Sephora store inside the Galleria from 2 to 4 p.m. on April 9, 2010. At 5:30 p.m. Douglas will speak on the main stage at "Beauty Live," presenting Her Cut to consumers.