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Hallelujah! Bill Would Allow Liquor Sales on Sundays



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    All of this is not sellable on Sundays, but one Tex. State Rep. wants to change it.

    State Rep. Roland Guiterrez is no friend to the "draconian" liquor laws that don't allow liquor stores to sell on Sundays. That's why he's introduced a bill to allow 7-day sales weeks for Big Daddy's and the like.

    We think it's a long time coming, but we're definitely in the minority -- a poll conducted by the Texas Package Store Association(quoted in the Star-Telegram's article about this bill) says 67% of Texans think opening liquor stores on Sunday is a bad idea.

    We'll have to disagree, especially when you can drop by the grocery store to grab a case of beer, but you can't go get some rum to make that cake. It seems like a double-standard to us...