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Dallas to Dine in the Dark

Aloft Hotel to host pitch-black dining experience



    Dallas to Dine in the Dark
    Aloft Hotel to host a pitch-black dining experience in April.

    Dallas foodies will soon be able to experience "Dining in the Dark."

    Opaque is bringing Dining in the Dark to the Aloft Hotel in Dallas on April 13-14, 2012.

    According to Opaque's website, eating in the dark is meant to take diners into "world of sensitivity you have never experienced before" by having diners eat in a pitch-black room, forcing them to use their senses of smell, hearing, taste, and touch.

    Specially trained blind or otherwise visually impaired people act as guide and server in a pitch-black dining room. Opaque also hosts Dining in the Dark in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

    A four course prix fixe meal will be prepared chefs from the Aloft Hotel. The menu is a mystery right now, but a vegetarian/vegan menu is available upon request. A standard ticket costs $99, but VIPs can get a surprise signature cocktail added to the meal for a total cost of $109.

    Dining in the Dark
    Aloft Hotel
    April 13-14, 2012