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Super coverage of the big game at Cowboys Stadium

DFW Bathed in Light for Super Bowl XLV



    Nighttime Aerial Tour of Super Bowl Sites

    See Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth, by air, all dressed up for Super Bowl XLV. (Published Monday, Jan. 31, 2011)

    Unless you've been housebound, you've probably seen some of the signage and such that has popped up at various locations in Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas for Super Bowl XLV.

    In addition to that, several buildings in Dallas and Fort Worth now have been dressed up for the big event, including new nighttime lighting.

    In the video above, you can take an edited, 7-minute nighttime flight aboard Chopper 5 as where we check out the sights from above.

    First up, a look at downtown Dallas where many of the buildings have been bathed in blue light for the NFC Champion Green Bay Packers.

    Then we fly over to Arlington to take a look at Cowboys Stadium.

    Over in Fort Worth you'll see the Chesapeake Building, Sundance Square and the Tower with red and purple lights for the AFC champs.