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8/28: Heat Goes On



    8/28: Heat Goes On
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    The dance party at Hailey's tonight is just the beginning of a bass-heavy back to school extravaganza this weekend.

    NEW WAVE: There was a time when you couldn't flip through the Dallas Observer (or sip a beer at Rubber Gloves) without being confronted by a mention of Ghosthustler. The '80s-electro band has flashed and gone, but frontman Alan Palomo has his old band back in the press as Vega with a splash of disco-dance where all that bright pop once was. Read Palomo's chat with the DO's Daniel Rodriguehere. See Fizzy Dino Pop, Left/Right, and many more at a jumbo dance party at Hailey's, 7PM.

    TWIRLING TWIST: We tend to fall smitten to the Outfield's "Lose Your Love" and other references to romances between (reasonably) younger guys and older gals. Theatre Three goes there with "Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks," a play in which the younger man is in the teacher role for a change as ballroom dance tutor for a feisty widow. Find tickets for opening night here. 8PM.

    GET THAT BOOM BOOM: Summer on Lake Grapevine has been an unending Fourth of July bash, with a fireworks show set to music every single Friday. Crazy thing is, there are still two more chances to picnic at any Lake Grapevine park. Tonight, the music track has a radio country flavor, a la Gretchen Wilson's "I'm Here for the Party." Use the online file to score your experience, or don't. 9:30PM.