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8/10: Creative Community



    8/10: Creative Community
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    Go "Wild" at these creative events.

    WHAT DOES IT MEAN?: True story: we once hung a piece of abstract art upside down for three months before one of our "artsy" friends informed us of the error. Even so, we dig looking a blobs, forms, shapes, colors, and lines at places like the Amon Carter Museum, just to try and figure out what we're seeing (before looking at the description). The museums current exhibit, Construction Spirit: Abstract Art in South and North America, 1920s-'50s, fits right in that "do-you-see-what-I-see" wheelhouse. Bonus points if you find a rabbit. It's free to get in.

    STAND-UP BUILD-UP: We had a blast at last week's Open Mic Night at the Dallas Comedy House -- heck, we were even on-stage for part of the event. The room was packed, overflowing from standing-room-only into the bar, so if you head out for the 8 p.m. start, you'll want to get there early -- that way you get your name on the list and (maybe) a seat. Oh, and it's completely free! We love that.

    ALL IS LOVE: We haven't bought a copy of Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are, but we've got Karen O's soundtrack to the film at the ready whenever we need that balance of child-like whimsy and bleak despair. Strangely enough, we thought Jonze's flick was definitely for adults even though it was based off the classic kid's book by Maurice Sendak -- that's part of the reason we're surprised the Carrollton Public Library is using the film as it's last "Cool Tuesday" screening at 1 p.m. Sure, it's "cool" as in temperature, and "cool" as in hip, but is will it be "cool" with the family set that prefers Spongebob to Being John Malkovich? Like all the other events, it's free.

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