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6/17: Staycation's With Out-of-Town-Talent

On screen, stage or field, Dallas knows how to bring it on home



    6/17: Staycation's With Out-of-Town-Talent
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    You know what? New York is hot in the summertime too. Why don't you skip the trip and just sit in an ice cold movie theater and check out Verdi’s Aida from the MET instead of spending all that money on flights and hotels. Get a night a ZaZa, do a staycation and feel good about pumping money into the local economy while having your mind blown by this epic tale. Set in ancient Egypt, Aida is both a heartbreaking love story and an epic drama full of spectacular crowd scenes. A cast of powerful voices and a grand production bring the story to life on the Met stage (and on the HD screen). Violeta Urmana stars in the title role of the enslaved Ethiopian princess, with Dolora Zajick as her rival. Johan Botha plays Radamès, commander of the Egyptian army, and Daniele Gatti conducts. Among the score’s highlights is the celebrated Triumphal March.

    There's something about seeing a band like the Cowboy Junkies in a venue like The Lakewood Theater that just shouldn't be missed. Dallas' sole remaining single-screen movie palace in anything resembling its original condition. This also remains true of the Junkies, who have stayed true to with songs that are spare and quiet, taken at lethargic tempos and filled with languid guitars and detached, ethereal vocals courtesy of Margo Timmins. Be sure not to miss this stunning live act in one of the cities most unrated and amazing venues.

    For people that have experienced what it is like to attend an Arts Magnet school, they can stand behind this statement. Drum lines rule. They ruled way before Nick Cannon got involved with them too. They rule because in an Arts Magnet environment the norms of social hierarchy do not apply. Jocks are not the jocks. The guys on the snare line are the jocks; and the guys on the football team? You guessed it. Nerds. Outcasts. Arts Magnets are like the sideways plot in Lost. Everything is as it should be. Tonight gives you the chance to travel through several different space-time continuums to witness this for yourself at the University of North Texas Marching Percussion Camp Final Concert. By the way, in case you didn't know, UNT is where drum lines still rule, and always will.

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