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6/16: Painting Yourself Into Some AC

Beat the heat with these three indoor delights



    6/16: Painting Yourself Into Some AC
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    Get cool in a theater, or library ... or museum.

    HAPPY LITTLE CLOUD: If you're an avid watcher of the show Madman you may be familiar with an episode where Burt Cooper purchases a Mark Rothko painting, then hangs it prominently in his office causing much speculation with the staff as to why he bought it. Did he actually like it? Some wondered if it was a trick question of sorts to test them. If they said they liked it would they be ostracized by their boss? Or would they be praised? Now is your chance to make up your mind, either for the first time or all over again, as the Fort Worth Modern hangs "Light Cloud, Dark Cloud" for your viewing pleasure.

    LIBRARIES ARE FOR LOVERS: Since the beach and the pool are pretty much out as places your most likely to be found lounging at this summer, let's do our own little public service announcement for the Dallas Public Library book sale in the form of a Target commercial. Ok, here goes. You start singing "Oh oh oh oh, this is a brand new day." Got it? Great. Now we're panning over to the Dallas library (Pleasant Grove Branch). You are finding great deals on books magazines, DVD's and VHS tapes for the whole family. Southern Living for mom. Check. Barney on VHS for little sis. Check. That copy of Gravity's Rainbow you lost in college. Check. It's all here waiting for you, you frugalista you.

    THE DARK AND COLD WORLD OF THEATRE: If you're looking to beat the heat and sit in a dark room that does not contain a TV, then you should head on over to Addison where WaterTower Theatre is presenting "Black Pearl Sings!" which goes something like this; In the midst of the Great Depression, Susannah Mullally travels the country, recording lost traditional songs for the Library of Congress. When she encounters Pearl in a Texas prison, Susannah uncovers a treasure-trove of unrecorded slave-era music. But can Pearl hand over her ancestor's songs without giving up something of herself? Starring powerhouse performer Liz Mikel, Black Pearl Sings! is the powerful, honest, and wryly funny story of two women from radically different backgrounds and the music that unites them.

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