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5/24: It's a Wild World Out There

Get out there and do something in it!



    5/24: It's a Wild World Out There
    Marcus Riley
    It's not odd when a good vigorous workout makes you hungry for a good meal.

    EASY BREAZY: Hey fly-fisherman, you know what you’ve been missing in your cast? Yoga. Hey mountain-climbing enthusiast, looking for something to help you stretch to that next rock? Yoga. Been looking for some extra pep in your paddle while kayaking down the Trinity, but unsure how to get it? Yoga. Yes, from cleaning the kitchen to skinning a deer, there’s nothing that yoga can’t help you do better. Fortunately for us Urban Breeze Yoga is meeting tomorrow, depending on the weather, at Backwoods or the lawn of the Kimbell Art Museum. Make sure to bring $10 cash, a yoga mat and an open heart.

    HIT THE BIGTIME: So maybe you won’t end up taking Matthew Broderick’s part as the husband of Sarah Jessica…or even as Leo Bloom in the hit Broadway show The Producers, but you can do is get down to Campus Theatre, located at 214 W. Hickory Street in downtown Denton. It’s there you can answer the call for open auditions to the Denton Community Theater version of this Mel Brooks classic.

    HEROS IN A HALF SHELL: Sometimes we bloggers like to pack a brown bag with a Nutella and banana sandwich, a bag of 7-Eleven sour cream and onion chips and a Coke Zero and take a bit of a late lunch down at the Dallas World Aquarium to check out the sea turtle feedings at 1:30PM. There’s always a pretty good informational lecture to go along with it too. It’s kinda of like watching Nat Geo at night, but live and on your lunch break.