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12/10: Little Things



    12/10: Little Things
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    Kimya Dawson is at 1919 Hemphill tonight.

    ALPHA KIMYA: There's bound to be a handful of babies staying up late at 1919 Hemphill as Kimya Dawson rolls into town. Devoted fans (a chunk of whom have become devoted natural parents) know that the songbird on the Juno soundtrack released a kids' album last year. Alphabutt turns the old Moldy Peaches taboos into a bit of infantile toilet (cloth diaper?) humor with a few lovey-dovey gems, but regardless, Dawson's honesty is a delight to witness live -- especially with a 7:30PM start time. With Graham Wilkinson, The Shortest Distance, and Danny Malone.

    REATARD REVISITED: Jay Reatard was a bedroom recording artist before the lo-fi craze, and he won't let you forget it. New songs like "It Ain't Gonna Save Me" exude the same punk ethos while reveling in the hooks and helped Watch Me Fall land in the 40 Best Albums of 2009 according to Spin. See him at the Granada with Fergus and Geronimo and Surfer Blood. 7PM. Find tickets here.

    SCHOOL OF ROCK: See what some of DFW's most skilled rock musicians (Chris Holt, Glen Reynolds, Dave Hineman) do with their days at the Zounds Sounds Winter Concert. The music school values interaction between instrumentalists as much as it does technical skill, so the students develop less of a love-hate relationship with music and more of the love-love-love kind. Sons of Hermann Hall, 9PM.