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11/11: Secrets



    11/11: Secrets
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    LONDON - NOVEMBER 16: A postcard created by an unknown artist is displayed in the Royal College of Art Secret Postcard Exhibition on November 16, 2006 in London, England. 2500 postcard size artworks have been created and donated by several hundred artists and designers for a charity sale where the identity of each card's author is secret until after it has been purchased. Contributors include Damien Hurst, Tracey Emin, Quentin Blake and Manolo Blahnik. (Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

    HIDDEN TREASURE: Every Sunday, PostSecret fans are confronted with the unspoken hopes and fears of strangers that tell what they'd never say aloud on postcards with magazine tearouts and sharpies and whatever tools of confession are within reach. Frank Warren, compiler of secrets and author of books about the PS project, comes to the University of Texas at Arlington with a multi-media presentation on the phenomenon and stacks of books to sign. More information here. 7PM.

    GUITAR HEROES: That's Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small wailing on guitar behind the animated character Skwisgaar Skwigelf on the show. Whether that causes you to take the imagined metalheads of Dethklok a little more seriously or just crack a smile and go on having nothing to do with metal, be advised that Small and his mates will make the cartoon band real onstage at House of Blues after beloved thrashers Mastadon and High on Fire. 6:30PM.

    REEL DIRTY BUSINESS: The Lone Star International Film Festival kicks off tonight in Fort Worth with Todd Berger's The Scenesters, a crime noir set in East L.A. where unwitting mobile journalists have recorded clues to a murder. AMC Palace 9 at Sundance Square; screening starts at 7:30PM with a reception at 8.0 Restaurant and Bar at 9:30PM.