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Pricey Tickets Have "Dallas" Fans Outraged

Extremely high ticket prices for a fundraiser, featuring "Dallas" cast members, have fans in an uproar



    Pricey Tickets Have "Dallas" Fans Outraged

    Some fans of the TV show "Dallas" are outraged by the pricey tickets being planned for a fundraiser in Florida featuring a few members of the cast.

    The new event is being held at a "42-acre private reserve" in the Florida Everglades by the Florida-based J. Timothy Hogan Foundation, The Dallas Morning News reports.

    It follows last year's 30th anniversary reunion gone wrong in which more people than expected showed up at Southfork Ranch.

    An all-access VIP ticket not including hotel stays or airfare is $1,995 with the cheapest ticket costing $895 for the new event.

    Colin Hunter, Webmaster of Ultimate, a large online group of Dallas fans, said he would not endorse or get involved with the Florida event until the price structure was fan friendly.