The Ultimate Backyard Movie Night

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Everyone loves a good movie night when you’re laying out on the couch with the family. What if you swapped the indoors for the outdoors? Lifestyle Expert, Stacie Krajchir-Tom, explains what you need to host to ultimate backyard movie night.

DECOR: Grab your throws, beanbags, blankets or anything that feels cozy and bring it outside. Don’t worry about how it looks. It’s all about how it feels!

House No.23

FOOD: Create a popcorn, candy and snack concession stand. You can take a tray and line it up with goodies just like you might see at the movie theater.

GoGo squeeZ

Man Crates 


PROJECTOR: CINEMOOD is the ultimate portable projector. You can also bring your laptop outside and prop it up on a table for a more cost-effective option.   

CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater 

SEATING: A simple solution for seating is grab your beach, camping or patio chairs and throw a blanket over them.

DRINKS: Create a self-serve drink station. You can create a signature drink for the kids and the adults.

Drink Bev 

MOOD: Take your holiday lights and string them across the yard. Or bunch them up in a glass bowl and they will create a beautiful glow. 

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