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Local Businesses to Support Throughout Black History Month

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Food blogger, Brandi Barnett of Brandi's Foodie Diary, highlights a variety of black owned businesses in North Texas that you can support throughout Black History Month.

Smokey John's Bar-B-Que - Shoebox Lunch

Dallas-based Smokey John's Bar-B-Que & Home Cooking releases shoebox lunches in honor of Black History Month. Not only will this year's Black Entrepreneur Edition feature items from Dallas-based black businesses and farmers, Smokey John's is releasing two different boxes, allowing those interested to try out the products nationwide.

The Dock Bookshop

The Dock Bookshop is the largest African American owned full service bookstore in Texas, which opened in 2008. Our mission is to inspire, inform, and entertain our customers through books and book-related events in a relaxing and spacious environment.

The Eans Team - I LUV YOU (BLK)

We envision Black people as walking billboards from coast to coast sharing love with other people who share similar struggles. The phrase I LUV YOU (BLK) is a positive affirmation for self, where self-love is paramount. We’re confronting the self-hatred within our community by reclaiming and proclaiming love publicly. This display of love is what we pass down to the coming generations.

Dallas Public Library - Black Vegan Chefs of Dallas

Believe it or not, the Dallas area is home to a phenomenal vegan scene. There are incredible chefs creating delicious plant-based dishes all over town. Many of these amazing restaurants are run by black chefs and owners, and we've invited a few to help us cook! Dallas Public Library will be spotlighting three amazing black chefs from Dallas's growing vegan scene:

  • Feb. 13th, 11:00am - 12:00pm - Chef Cynthia Nevels from Soulgood
  • Feb. 20th, 11:00am - 12:00pm - Chef Tisha Crear from Recipe Oak Cliff
  • Feb. 27th - 11:00am - 12:00pm - Chef Brandon Waller from Bam's Vegan

Pan-African Connection

Pan-African Connection Bookstore, Art Gallery and Resource Center was established in 2000 to fill a void: to bring a real high-quality Rare Bookstore to the Dallas area. Many times, it’s the most ordinary products that make the biggest impact on our daily lives. At Pan-African Connection Bookstore, Art Gallery and Resource Center, we believe that by offering the best of the best in even the simplest products, we can make a big difference in the lives of our customers.

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