• China Jul 20, 2018

    North Korea Puts Reunion of War-Separated Families in Doubt

    North Korea said Friday that an August reunion of Korean families separated by war may not happen if South Korea doesn’t immediately return some of its citizens who arrived in the South in recent years. The 2016 arrival of a group of 12 female employees from a North Korean-run restaurant in China has been a source of contention between the...

  • Donald Trump Jul 8, 2018

    Pompeo Shrugs Off North Korea's ‘Gangster' Rebuke, Cites Progress

    Undeterred by a blistering rebuke of his efforts to forge a denuclearization deal with North Korea, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday appealed for North Korea’s leadership to follow Vietnam’s path in overcoming past hostilities with the United States. Pompeo called on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to replicate Vietnam’s “miracle” of economic growth by improving ties...

  • Maryland Dec 25, 2017

    North Korea Says It's a ‘Pipe Dream' That It Will Give Up Nukes

    North Korea said it is a “pipe dream” for the United States to think it will give up its nuclear weapons, and called the latest U.N. sanctions to target the country “an act of war” that violates its sovereignty. The U.N. Security Council unanimously approved tough new sanctions against North Korea on Friday in response to its latest launch of...

  • food Jul 6, 2017

    US Warns North Korea That Diplomatic Window is Closing

    The United States warned Wednesday that North Korea was “quickly closing off” the prospect of a diplomatic resolution to its provocations, as the Trump administration launched a government-wide effort to identify options for confronting Pyongyang following its unprecedented intercontinental ballistic missile launch.

  • food Jul 5, 2017

    What It Means That North Korea Propaganda Is Reveling in ICBM

    A “brilliant victory” and “thrilling” success, North Korea’s grinning leader crowed of his country’s first test of a long-range ballistic missile. The “final phase” in a confrontation with America, Kim Jong Un called it. Part of a coming stream of “‘gift packages’ to the Yankees” in the form of more weapons tests. You can feel the self-satisfied, self-aggrandizing bliss as...

  • Donald Trump Apr 11, 2017

    North Korea Calls US Aircraft Carrier Dispatch Toward Its Waters ‘Outrageous'

    North Korea is vowing tough counteraction to any military moves that might follow the U.S. move to send the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier and its battle group to waters off the Korean Peninsula. The statement from Pyongyang comes as tensions on the divided peninsula are high because of U.S.-South Korea wargames now underway and recent ballistic missile launches by...

  • United States Mar 21, 2017

    North Korea Not Afraid of US Warnings About Nuclear Tests: State Media

    The United States has not struck fear into North Korea, foreign ministry officials said Tuesday, according to state news agency KCNA. That’s despite America’s warnings that pre-emptive military action is on the table in response to the North’s growing nuclear program. “If the businessmen-turned-U.S. authorities thought that they would frighten [North Korea], they would soon know that their method would...

  • North Korea Mar 20, 2017

    North Korea: 6 Died in Mining Accident in January

    Six miners died when the roof of a mine in North Korea collapsed in January, the North’s state media reported Monday, in a rare admission of a deadly accident in the secretive country. Seven miners were initially trapped after the collapse at the Unryul mine, a leading iron ore producer, on Jan. 9, North Korea’s main newspaper Rodong Sinmun reported....

  • HEAD Nov 28, 2016

    North Korea Calls 3-Day Mourning Period for Castro

    North Korea is observing a three-day period of mourning for Fidel Castro, seen by the North as a rare comrade-in-arms against the common enemy of the United States. The North has ordered flags outside official buildings be flown at half-staff to honor Castro, the country’s state media reported Monday. The iconic Cuban leader died Friday at age 90.

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