• Donald Trump Nov 9, 2019

    For 30-Somethings, Stakes Are High Over Future of DACA

    Karina Ruiz’s life is deeply rooted in Phoenix. She has three children and two grandkids, a side gig selling houses, frantic days rushing kids off to school and activities, a busy work schedule filled with meetings. The 35-year-old knows that little of this would be possible without her enrollment in a program dating back to the Obama administration that allows...

  • attorney Apr 10, 2019

    Cop's Attorney: ‘Perfect Storm' Led to Unarmed Woman's Death

    A Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed an unarmed woman as she approached his squad car after calling 911 was reacting to a loud noise and feared an ambush, his attorney said Tuesday, calling the shooting “a perfect storm with tragic consequences.” Mohamed Noor and his partner were rolling down a dark alley in response to a call from...

  • CEO Jul 26, 2018

    The Truth About the Days Leading Up to Demi Lovato's Overdose

    Just months into her recovery, Demi Lovato stumbled onto a hard truth. Initially, after exiting rehab in early 2011, she felt she held all the answers. Her three months in treatment had led her to believe it was her previously undiagnosed eating and bipolar disorders that were causing her problems.

  • NBC Nov 14, 2018

    Carson Kressley Has a Better Way to React to Unexpected Gifts This Season

    Let’s face it: Gift-giving can be nerve-wracking. Will your uncle’s new life coach like this aromatherapy diffuser? What if your nephew’s step-uncle already has a theft-proof backpack? And then, there’s the gift-receiving. It sounds easy, sure, but what happens when all eyes in the room turn to you, scrutinizing your face for the slightest twitch of a reaction to whatever...

  • BOSTON May 1, 2017

    5 Myths About Quitting Sugar, Debunked

    A lot of people vow to quit sugar as the weather warms up, but as NBC News’ Better team discovered, it’s easier said than done to make it 10 days without the sweet stuff. People hold some several misconceptions about sugar, from denying they have a problem to knowing where sugar lurks. For example, most Americans consume nearly twice the...

  • Donald Trump Oct 5, 2016

    ‘Say Aye!' Self-Help Guru Tony Robbins Energizes Tech Disruptors at Dreamforce

    There was no fire walk or Oprah Moment, but Tony Robbins did unleash his trademark hunger and energy to thousands on the opening night of Dreamforce, technology’s biggest event in San Francisco, dissecting everything from relationships to software to Donald Trump’s tax returns.

  • JUDGE Feb 6, 2016

    Judge Sentences Meek Mill After He Violates Parole

    A judge sentenced Meek Mill to 90 days house arrest Friday, after ruling he violated his probation for a drug and gun possession conviction.

  • JUDGE Feb 8, 2016

    Meek Mill Escapes Jail Time

    Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill was sentenced to 90 days house arrest for parole violations that he blames on his erratic concert schedule but prosecutors link to his romance with girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

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