John Kerry

  • John Kerry Feb 2

    John Kerry Overheard Mulling 2020 Bid Amid Concern of Sanders ‘Taking Down' Dem Party

    Former Secretary of State John Kerry — one of Joe Biden’s highest-profile endorsers — was overheard Sunday on the phone at a Des Moines hotel explaining what he would have to do to enter the presidential race amid “the possibility of Bernie Sanders taking down the Democratic Party — down whole,” NBC News reported. Sitting in the lobby restaurant of…

  • Joe Biden Jan 3

    Biden Calls Iowa Voter ‘Damn Liar' Over Ukraine Question

    Former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden had a heated exchange with an Iowa voter on Thursday while on the campaign trail, calling the man a ‘damn liar’.

  • 2020 Elections Dec 6, 2019

    Biden Snaps at Voter in Iowa After Receiving Kerry Endorsement

    Joe Biden sought to capitalize on President Donald Trump’s icy reception from world leaders by portraying himself on Thursday as someone who is well versed in foreign affairs and can restore American prestige abroad. But his moves risked being overshadowed by a testy confrontation with a voter in Iowa. As he nears the end of an eight-day tour of...

  • Donald Trump Aug 27, 2019

    Fact Check: Trump's Mistold Tale of Obama and Iran

    President Donald Trump on Monday assailed the Obama administration for being hoodwinked by Iran, making his case with a frequently told and false story about the U.S. giving billions of dollars to Tehran. In an extended news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron and other remarks at the G-7 summit, Trump also asserted inaccurately that the U.S. has the cleanest...

  • Donald Trump Aug 12, 2019

    Warren Wows in Iowa as Candidates' Sprint to Caucuses Begins

    The chant — “2 cents, 2 cents, 2 cents” — started in the back of a crowd that packed sidewalks at the Iowa State Fair. Elizabeth Warren, basking in the spontaneous adulation of her proposed wealth tax, prompted roars with her call for the ultra-wealthy to “pitch in 2 cents so everybody gets a chance to make it.” A night...

  • Donald Trump Aug 8, 2019

    Fried Oreos, Stump Speeches: Iowa State Fair a Must for 2020 Presidential Candidates

    Howard Dean took one bite of a deep-fried Oreo and dismissively pitched the rest into the garbage. Mitt Romney famously flipped a pork chop, right into the gravel. And John Kerry capped his Iowa State Fair fare with a strawberry smoothie, rather than a cold beer that offered a chance for him to seem connected with regular folks. “I wouldn’t...

  • Donald Trump Jun 11, 2019

    Detained US Resident Freed by Iran, on His Way to Lebanon

    A U.S. permanent resident and Lebanese businessman who was imprisoned for years in Iran has been freed and was on his way back to his native Lebanon on Tuesday, a development that comes amid heightened tensions between Iran and the U.S. after President Donald Trump withdrew America from Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers. Nizar Zakka, held in Iran since...

  • Facebook May 16, 2019

    US Abstains From Global Pledge to Curb Online Violence and Extremism

    The White House is not endorsing a global pledge to step up efforts to keep internet platforms from being used to spread hate, organize extremist groups and broadcast attacks, citing respect for “freedom of expression and freedom of the press.” The statement came Wednesday after World leaders led by French President Emmanuel Macron and executives from Facebook, Google, Twitter and...

  • Donald Trump May 2, 2019

    Fact Check: Trump's Deceptive Arms Trade Treaty Argument

    In announcing that he will withdraw the United States from the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, President Donald Trump falsely claimed that under the international agreement, the U.S. would “surrender American sovereignty” and allow “foreign bureaucrats to trample on your Second Amendment freedom.” As a matter of fact, the treaty’s preamble clearly states that it reaffirms “the sovereign right of...

  • Donald Trump Apr 1, 2019

    In an Uncertain Era, Expressing Certainty Is a Potent Weapon

    In the course of a single week, there has been all of this: “I have been truthful and consistent on every level since day one,” actor Jussie Smollett told the world after prosecutors dropped 16 felony counts that accused him of making a false police report about being the target of a racist, anti-gay attack. “I am highly confident,” high-profile...

  • Donald Trump Feb 25, 2019

    Former US Security Officials to Oppose Emergency Declaration

    A group of former U.S. national security officials is set to release a statement arguing there is no justification for President Donald Trump to use a national emergency declaration to fund a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. The statement, which was reviewed by The Associated Press, has 58 signatures from prominent former officials, including former Secretaries of State Madeline Albright...

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Nov 21, 2018

    ‘Late Night': Kerry Played High School Hockey With Mueller

    John Kerry talks about what it was like playing hockey with a young Robert Mueller, President Donald Trump’s foreign policy and what he thinks drove the president to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

  • NBC Nov 19, 2018

    Brenda Snipes Submits Resignation as Broward County Supervisor of Elections

    Brenda Snipes has submitted her resignation as the Broward County supervisor of elections.

  • Associated Press Nov 17, 2018

    Dems Struggle Over Pelosi Bid for Speaker of the House

    Democrats won the majority. Now they just need a speaker of the House. The standoff over Nancy Pelosi’s bid to regain the gavel intensified Friday as Democrats left Washington for the Thanksgiving holiday, an unsettling finish to an otherwise triumphant week that saw them welcome a historic class of newcomers to Capitol Hill and prepare to take control. Pelosi was...

  • Associated Press Nov 7, 2018

    Pelosi Says She Is ‘Best Person' for House Speaker

    U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, on Wednesday said she is the “best person” to serve as Speaker of the House.

  • Donald Trump Sep 21, 2018

    Other Nations Adjust to ‘America First' Policy: Analysis

    America first? Try America first, second and third. As President Donald Trump prepares for his second U.N. General Assembly, the Olympics of international diplomacy, his administration has turned unabashedly and profoundly inward, pursuing ever more unilateral policies in what critics argue is a great retreat from global engagement that had been a bipartisan hallmark of previous U.S. leaders. Trump aides...

  • Donald Trump Sep 15, 2018

    Trump, Pompeo Bash Ex-Secretary of State Kerry on Iran Talks

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has unloaded on his Obama-era predecessor John Kerry for “actively undermining” U.S. policy on Iran by meeting several times recently with the Iranian foreign minister, who was his main interlocutor in the Iran nuclear deal negotiations. In unusually blunt and caustic language, Pompeo said Friday that Kerry’s meetings with Mohammad Javad Zarif were “unseemly and...

  • Donald Trump Sep 15, 2018

    California to Launch Climate Satellite: Gov. Brown

    California Gov. Jerry Brown said Friday that the state plans to launch its “own damn satellite” into orbit to battle climate change....
    The man the late Chicago columnist Mike Royko famously dubbed “Gov. Moonbeam” made the announcement at the conclusion of a two-day climate summit he organized in San Francisco. Brown said state officials will work with the San Francisco-based company...

  • ACTRESS Aug 28, 2018

    Abby Huntsman Joining ‘The View' in Season 22 as a Co-Host

    In a statement Tuesday, Huntsman said she was excited to return to her professional roots at ABC, where she began her journalism career.

  • Arizona Aug 27, 2018

    Former Vietnamese Jailer Says He Respected Sen. McCain

    Sen. John McCain’s Vietnamese jailer said he respected his former inmate and felt sad about his death, as others in Vietnam paid their respects to the former U.S. Navy pilot who became a prisoner of war and later was instrumental in bringing the wartime foes together. McCain’s Skyhawk dive bomber was shot down over Hanoi in 1967 and he was...

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