• Voice of America Nov 21, 2020

    Judge Rules Against Trump Global Media Chief After Firings

    A federal judge has ruled against the head of the agency that runs the Voice of America and other U.S.-funded news outlets who was accused of trying to turn it into a propaganda vehicle to promote President Donald Trump’s agenda

  • PRESIDENT Nov 1, 2019

    Order to ‘Stick to Sports' Has Deadspin Site in Open Revolt, Staffers Quit En Masse

    Seven staff members at the popular website Deadspin quit on Wednesday as part of a dispute with management over its focus, a spokesman said. The resignations come after stories were posted on Deadspin in open defiance of management’s edict that its staff members stick to sports coverage and set aside other topics. “We’re sorry that they couldn’t work within this...

  • NBC News Mar 11, 2019

    ‘Barbie's Got Staying Power': The Legendary Doll Turns 60

    Barbie, that iconic staple of toy stores and childhoods, turns 60 this weekend....
    And although she might qualify as a senior citizen, retail experts say there’s nothing outdated about the legendary doll. She has become a more significant role model than she was in previous generations, not only to the children who play with her, but also to businesses seeking to...

  • Professor Jul 3, 2018

    Professor Fiona? Famous Baby Hippo an Educational Force

    The Cincinnati Zoo’s famous premature baby hippo does more than delight social media fans and help sell a wide range of merchandise. She’s also an educational and literary force; heroine of a half-dozen books so far and a popular subject for library and classroom activities.

  • CEO May 25, 2018

    The Powerful Men in the News Accused of Sexual Misconduct

    High-powered Hollywood executives and stars. Celebrity chefs. A doctor working with young Olympic athletes. Journalists and artists. A former U.S. president and current senator. As waves of women and men come forward to tell their stories, these are among the powerful men that have recently been accused of sexual misconduct. Thousands of people have shared their stories of harassment and...

  • Kenya Apr 20, 2018

    Julian Lennon's Environmental Books Hope to ‘Empower' Kids

    The firstborn son of the late John Lennon is the co-author of “Heal the Earth,” the second in his picture book series teaching kids as young as 3 ways to help the planet.

  • CEO Mar 8, 2018

    In #MeToo Era, Some Question Need for ‘Car Girls' at Auto Shows

    At the Geneva motor show, some automakers want visitors to focus their minds more on the models — the cars, that is, not the women. In the wake of the #MeToo movement’s explosion and growing awareness about sexual harassment, some auto executives have been taking a new look at the traditional use of often scantily-clad women on display stands at...

  • CEO Dec 19, 2017

    Fields Out at Ford; New CEO Hackett Known for Turnarounds

    The job of Ford’s new CEO won’t be easy: He will have to shore up the 114-year-old company’s traditional auto business, but also invest in self-driving cars and other projects that could one day make that business obsolete. Ford thinks Jim Hackett is up to the task. The 62-year-old former chief executive of office furniture maker Steelcase was named to...

  • director Dec 15, 2017

    Sexual Misconduct Scandals Bring New Scrutiny to Workplace Romance

    The minefield that co-workers and companies navigate when it comes to love at work has gotten even more complex following the recent flood of sexual misconduct allegations roiling Hollywood, politics and the media. Office relationships that might have flown under the radar — particularly those between boss and subordinate — are getting a new look. And even those who might...

  • director Dec 4, 2017

    Office Holiday Parties Get Another Look as Scandals Continue

    With a series of high-profile workplace sex scandals on their minds, employers are making sure their holiday office parties don’t become part of the problem. There will be less booze at many. An independent business organization has renewed its annual warning not to hang mistletoe. And some will have party monitors, keeping an eye out for inappropriate behavior. TV and...

  • Donald Trump Nov 3, 2017

    Agent, Publicist Drop Spacey as More Allegations Surface

    The talent agency CAA is no longer representing Kevin Spacey as of late Thursday evening. A person with knowledge of the decision who was not authorized to speak publicly confirmed that both CAA and Spacey’s publicist Staci Wolfe have parted ways with the actor amid growing claims of sexual harassment against him. Representatives from the agency did not immediately respond...

  • New York Mar 6, 2017

    Veteran Music Executive and Former Pop Star Tommy Page Dies at 46

    Tommy Page, a former pop star whose song “I’ll Be Your Everything” went to No. 1 in 1990 and who later became a record company executive, publisher of Billboard magazine and a vice president at Pandora, has died. He was 46. Billboard.com Editorial Director, Denise Warner said Page was found dead Friday in New York of an apparent suicide. Page...

  • Dallas May 24, 2016

    Fares Are Cheap; Airlines Don't Want Them To Stay That Way

    Enjoy lower airfares while you can. Airlines are taking steps to push prices higher by next year.

  • JUDGE Apr 6, 2016

    LAPD Stalking Unit Investigating Charlie Sheen, Police Say

    Los Angeles police said Wednesday that Charlie Sheen is the subject of a criminal investigation headed by detectives from an elite stalking unit.

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