• Donald Trump Oct 23, 2019

    Google Claims Breakthrough in Blazingly Fast Computing

    Google announced Wednesday it has achieved a breakthrough in quantum computing, saying it has developed an experimental processor that took just minutes to complete a calculation that would take the world’s best supercomputer thousands of years. The feat could open the door someday to machines so blazingly fast that they could revolutionize such tasks as finding new medicines, developing vastly...

  • Belgium May 16, 2019

    MIT Time Capsule Puzzle Solved 15 Years Ahead of Schedule

    A time capsule complete with computer artifacts was opened up at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Wednesday. It was part of a celebration, after Bernard Fabrot, a self-taught programmer from Belgium, solved a cryptographic puzzle at MIT 15 years ahead of schedule.

  • Los Angeles Feb 13, 2019

    Google Will Spend $13 Billion on US Real Estate in 2019

    Google’s massive footprint is only getting bigger in 2019. CEO Sundar Pichai said in a blog post on Wednesday that the company is building new data centers and offices and expanding several key locations across the U.S., spending $13 billion this year. Pichai outlined the plans, which include opening new data centers in Nevada, Ohio, Texas and Nebraska, the first...

  • Associated Press Dec 20, 2018

    US Charges 2 Tied to Chinese Intelligence With Stealing ‘Hundreds of Gigabytes’ of Information in Hacking Case

    U.S. officials on Thursday said two alleged Chinese hackers carried out an extensive campaign on behalf of Beijing’s main intelligence agency to steal trade secrets and other information from government agencies and “a who’s who” of major corporations in the United States and nearly a dozen other nations. The indictment is the latest in a series of Justice Department criminal...

  • GOOGLE Nov 10, 2017

    IBM Says It’s Reached Milestone in Quantum Computing

    IBM has announced a milestone in its race against Google and other big tech firms to build a powerful quantum computer. Dario Gil, who leads IBM’s quantum computing and artificial intelligence research division, said Friday that the company’s scientists have successfully built and measured a processor prototype with 50 quantum bits, known as qubits.

  • Marc Fein Mar 29, 2017

    Competition Heats Up in Frisco for Weekend iHack Event

    iHack is a competition that gets students excited about STEM work and reminds them that they’re capable of amazing things when they put their minds to it.

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