• blippis treehouse Dec 1

    YouTube Star Blippi is Now on Amazon Kids+ with ‘Blippi's Treehouse'

    Preschool sensation Blippi (Stevin John) has entertained hundreds of millions of kids on YouTube. Now he’s expanding his world with “Blippi’s Treehouse” on Amazon Kids+. He and his best friend Meeka (Kaitlin Becker) sat down with Heather Brooker to talk about all the fun happening in the treehouse and the educational aspects behind it. “Blippi’s Treehouse” is streaming now...

  • do re & mi Sep 16

    ‘Do, Re & Mi' Hits the Perfect Note For Preschoolers and Families

    Parents of young kids will be thrilled to know there’s another entertainment option for their kids. “Do, Re & Mi” is the latest offering from Amazon Kids. This animated series takes kids along on the musical adventures of three best birdie buddies and teaches them some valuable music knowledge along the way. Do, Re and Mi are voiced by...

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