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Sugar Daddies Clean Up



    Sugar Daddies Clean Up
    Kevin Stewart
    The Sugar Daddies are for kids!

    Have you ever wondered who cleans up after big local events like the Cowtown Marathon, or the MS 150?

    One volunteer group comes from Fort Worth, and they call themselves the Sugar Daddies.

    “We do everything related to trash,” Andy Clay said. “We put out trash barrels to collect the trash; we circulate through the event area to pick up trash that's on the ground. When it's over, we sweep up, clean everything up, haul out the trash to the dumpsters, throw it in the dumpsters (and) leave the event site generally cleaner than when it started.”

    Tthey have a very special reason for doing it. All of the members are fathers of past or present students at Fort Worth’s Bruce Shulkey Elementary.

    Sugar Daddies Clean Up

    [DFW] Sugar Daddies Clean Up
    Some fathers of past or present students at Fort Worth?s Bruce Shulkey Elementary have come together to pick up trash to raise money for the school.
    (Published Friday, Feb. 26, 2010)

    “All the money we raise, we spend on projects at Bruce Shulkey Elementary School,” said Clay. The men have purchased library books, sponsored field trips and built two outdoor pavilions at the school.

    “I'm so thankful for what the teachers do for us and for our children, and this is our way to help pay them back and help the kids,” David Reaves said.

    And at Shulkey, the Sugar Daddies are a big deal. Kids are proud to say their dads are members, and they get the royal treatment whenever they stop by.

    “They see the Sugar Daddies coming down the hall -- they're almost like rock stars here,” librarian Lisa Wagoner said.